Modri kot is a space in continuous becoming - it is constantly developing its infrastructure (ambient, functionality, maintainance) and activities it produces and defines simultaneously. It is there, to be used for: multidisciplinatory cultural production, including performative arts, political monologues with interventions, music and sound events, roundtables, workshops, lectures, literary and word events, ambiental arts, political excurses. Modri kot (Blue corner) is a place that researches and theoretises the activities it produces. Modri kot is also a project space, intended for processes, meetings, assemblies and every day to day chit chatting. We do not have entrance fees, the space functions with the support of all visitors giving voluntary donations/prix libre/coins in boxes.

01.11.2019 20:00 - 22:00
Modri Kot
Tovarna Rog - Modri kot

Kaj če bi se šlo letos na dan mrtvih namest na britof v Modri kot na Žudi Rigo in pivo? Zakaj ne bi šli na oboje?

1.11.2019, od 20:00 do 22:00,
Modri kot - Avtonomna Tovarna Rog,
Trubarjeva cesta 72,
1000 Ljubljana
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