W​e are a​ self-organised feminist, non-hierarchical and anti-capitalist choir. ​We sing, re-i​nterpret and re-write​ songs​​ against ​​​sexism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and any form of domination in society. Within FZP Z'borke, we want to empower each of us and the group as whole, as we recognise the power of singing in bonding communities.

Autonomous Factory Rog is a space that is created among collectives that occupy it and daily visitors coming to the events. We strive to make Rog a safer space for everyone and a space of mutual respect. We aim to build a community without the presence of security officers and police, that is why it is important to take responsibility and care for ourselves and those around us – even if we don't know each other.

Expressions of violence, racism, nationalism, sexism, homo/lesbo/queerphobia, antireligion / antiatheism stances are not acceptable. In practice, this means that we watch out for any actions or statements with such content and we react to them. Rog is an open space for confronting and discussing different opinions, but this does not mean that anything goes – we don't tolerate violence and harassment. It is important that we all keep this in mind.

Among other things, Rog has neighbors. Don't make noise on the yard or in front of Rog, don't pee or vomit on street corners. Take care of your own trash.