Two years and a half after the violent eviction of autonomous factory Rog, the new center for creativity, Center Rog is opening it's doors. join our manifestation on the day of the opening, or support our struggle against gentrification, turistification and for autonomy and space in the city with solidarity actions in your localities

"It's a bit big this Rog to go around, isn't it?"

"This Rog now gives a new image. I guarantee that all the flats here on Trubarjeva have gained 50 percent in value." "...after all, Trubarjeva will also be selling apartments for 5000 euros, because this is now an exclusive location due to the renovation of Rog."

With these words mayor Zoran Janković explained his vision for the city at a recent meeting in the new Center Rog: fancy buildings drive up property prices!
When asked how the housing crisis would be solved, he only said that the market price would fall to "a realistic €3,000/m2" ... except in exclusive locations, of course. In five years, social housing would be arranged for only 10% of the young people who are now on waiting lists. When asked about student housing, he replied that this was a problem for the state to solve and not for him. Student rooms in the Akademski kolegij are giving way to more expensive projects, as are many buildings where people have work spaces. When it comes to the price of real estate, Janković plays an active role, but when it comes to the space needs of ordinary people, the mayor leaves everything to the market and the state.

It's clear what the future holds for workers, students and young people in Janković's Ljubljana - that is, moving out of the city to make space for the rich and for tourists. The 27 million euro pile of iron and glass called Center Rog, which in 2021 violently evicted the creative, critical and engaged community out of the city, is a symbol of this future. It will house elite bars, excessively funded cultural institutions, neoliberal start-up gurus, and even a gallery of the Čeferin family. As befits an "exclusive location".

This symbol will be inaugurated by the mayor on 26 October. Confronted with the controversial nature of this project, which after all has harmed hundreds of people through illegal evictions, he challenged us: "You lost in court and in the rule of law this is valid. So welcome to the opening. It would even be lovely if you make a live ring around it.... But it's a bit big this Rog to go around, isn't it?"

We'll see, Zoki. On 26th October at 6pm, all of us who have had enough of this arrogant, elitist, and violent city politics will make a live ring around Rog. Maybe it's not as big as the mayor thinks.

So join us for this manifestation - for a different Rog, for a different city, for a different future! For a free Ljubljana!

We call you to support us with solidarity actions in your own localities or join us in person.

Long live autonomy !!!