If you missed film Alipato on last years festival Kurja polt you have a second chance to see it in Živko Skvotec in AT Rog on 14.6.2018 at 21:00.
Join us, it is a film like none other you have ever seen before.

Alipato: The Very Brief Life of an Ember

Khavn / Philippines, Germany / 2016 / 87 min / Tagalong

In the slums of megalopolis Mondomanila in the year 2025 a gang of street kids is wreaking havoc and chaos in order to survive and for fun. Feed up with »petty crime« they decide to rob the central bank. The robbery goes wrong and the leader of the gang goes to prison. After 28 years he is reunited with the remaining gang members who want to finally split the loot. Their joy is short lived when the boss confesses there was no money. Suspicion and tension intensify as the bodies of brutally murdered gang members start appearing.

"Khavn De La Cruz is a multi-awarded and internationally renowned filmmaker, composer, and writer. He has thirty-three features and more than a hundred short films under his belt, including Mondomanila (Rotterdam 2012), The Muzzled Horse Of An Engineer In Search Of Mechanical Saddles (Berlinale 2008), Manila In The Fangs Of Darkness (Viennale 2008), and Squatterpunk (Rotterdam 2007). Once the proprietor of the late 90s go-to place for local artists Oracafe, Khavn has been called the father of Philippine digital filmmaking"

"One of underground digital cinema’s best-kept secrets: a prankster punk, an ass-kicking rebel priest." — Olaf Moeller, Film Comment