V petek, 22.3. V Modrem Kotu gostimo glasbenike iz Berlina na balkanski turneji.

Augusta, članica enega izmed bandov, jih je prestavila nekako takole:

the music is in german and its a little bit weird maby as well, but really when we are playing live mostly people like us!
our band is called "ihr wichser" you can traduce on your own i don´t want to insult you..
and what we do is dada synthy postpunk music ...three women bass keyboard and voice a man on the drums, we do music to have fun with ourselves and on concerts so you can listen on bandcamp:


the other band is similar, philosophically, darker... nice people!


Poleg glasbe bo na voljo tudi domače pivo, namesto vstopnine pa nam lahko pustite prostovoljne prispevke za stroške toženih rogovcev.